Focus Areas

At each Family ROI™ Experience, our team leads families through a series of interactive and engaging activities. An average of 12 families attend each event.

During the Family ROI™ Experience, we cover these four topic areas:

Compassionate Communication
In this session you will learn how speaking with honesty and listening with empathy are powerful relationship tools. You will implement techniques to effectively communicate with honesty and clarity, while paying respectful attention to others. Through fun interactive activities, learn to identify your own deeper needs and those of family members and connect through compassion to build healthier relationships within your family.

Culture: Values, Agreements, Traditions and Identity
In this session your family will come to understand how having a healthy, strong family culture will help your family achieve its dreams. You’ll discuss your family’s core values, agreements and traditions. You’ll also articulate your unique identity by creating a family brand!

Mission: Purpose and Vision
In this hands-on session, you will define your family’s vision and purpose in all aspects of life: work, school, family time, community, finances, physical, spiritual, and day-to-day living. You will also identify your top priorities and create a high-level plan to achieve them.

Practices: Operations, Contributions, Communications and Appreciation
You will identify key areas in your day-to-day family life that need improvement, and develop an action plan to implement at home. You will also learn about various techniques to help your family run smoothly: governance, planning, communications, budgeting and process improvements.