Tots to Teens Magazine Likes The Family ROI Experience

“The Family ROI Experience takes basic business principals and applies them to every day family living…who would have thought?  Barbara Fagan-Smith and Lesli Gee came up with this amazing step-by-step guide to realizing your best family!”

“It’s a great book to getting your family back on track.” Read the full review Fatherhood Recommends The Family ROI Experience Fatherhood just reviewed our book! We really appreciate their recommendation: “I can recommend The Family ROI Experience to any family who just wants to be better – to get along better, to be more effective and to add a serious contribution to the world.” Read more

Momtrends talks about Family ROI

Momtrends, a blog for hip moms, is talking about Family ROI! Momtrends provides the latest news on things trendy and cool for moms.

The Family ROI Experience is a Best Bet

Calgary Child includes The Family ROI Experience as one of their best bets in their May/June issue

Spring is here!

With spring in full bloom, check out our article on “Planting the Seeds for a Stronger Family” in the latest issue of Edmonton Child Magazine!

The family dinner

How often does your family eat dinner together?

How to handle little liars

A great Wall Street Journal article on a common parenting issue, little liars.

Is your family living the life you dream of?

A nurse recently captured the most common regrets of the dying. Not surprisingly, a top one involves spending more time with family. Is your family living the life you dream of?

Family ROI at the National Mental Health and Addictions Conference

We enjoyed the 42nd National Mental Health and Addictions Conference in Chicago this week! Family ROI led a session called “From Good to Great: Applying Organizational Best Practices to Strengthen Families” with senior leaders of community behavioral health organizations. Watch the replay.

Podcast from Family ROI on The Brass Ring

Hi everyone, just letting you know that the podcast is now posted on our Facebook page, on our website at, and streaming 24/7 on our motivational radio network at Thanks again for being a guest on TBR!