Who Should Participate

  • Families of all shapes and sizes – We believe a family is two or more people who are committed to sharing their lives together. If you are a family, then the Family ROI concepts will work for you.
  • Professionals who help families – We invite therapists, counselors and social workers to use the Family ROI tools in their work with families.

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Family ROI Workshop Overview

The Family ROI Workshop FREE recording provides a fast-paced overview of Family ROI concepts. By completing the Family ROI Workshop, you will be introduced to strategies that help your family:

  • Communicate clearly and compassionately with one another
  • Shape your family’s culture, including your values, agreements and traditions
  • Develop a shared vision for your family
  • Improve your day-to-day operations as a family
* We firmly believe that designing your family’s communication tools, culture, mission and practices is best done when all family members –young and old – are involved in the process together. That’s why the Family ROI Experience is specifically designed to be inclusive and fun for the whole family. Families with children should have no hesitation in involving their kids – we make it easy for children to be a part of the entire experience.