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The Family ROI™ Experience
Helping you define your family’s vision, goals and strategy.

Have fun and revitalize your family life at a Family ROI™ Experience.

Using sound principles developed by leading businesses, The Family ROI™ Experience will help you:

  • Determine your family’s unique vision for the life you want to live
  • Develop a strategic plan to achieve that vision
  • Use proven planning, communications and team-building tools to make it a reality

The Family ROI™ Experience is led by our team of business professionals, educators, and family and organizational development experts. The program is open to families with and without children

Invest in your family

At a Family ROI™ Experience you will:

  • Develop tools to communicate more effectively. During the program, you and your partner will rediscover the shared values and dreams that initially brought you together.
  • Enjoy a memorable family experience, playing, relaxing and building your family’s foundation together in a beautiful setting.
  • Learn practical planning techniques to streamline day-to-day logistics, creating more opportunities for quality family time on a regular basis. By setting family priorities more effectively, you’ll discover how to free up more time and energy to enjoy your kids and each other.
  • Conduct fun cultural and team-building exercises to define your family’s traditions, values and norms, and strengthen your family identity.
  • Apply powerful, proven strategic planning tools to articulate your family’s vision and goals, and outline a strategy to achieve them.

The dynamic workshops make every Family ROI™ Experience a memorable one. Long after the workshop is over, you will continue to benefit from a deeper understanding of your family’s identity, values and goals, and increase your Family ROI™.

In any given weekend, we might spend our time running errands, driving our kids to soccer, shopping, meeting friends, going to a movie or just plain resting up for the week to come. Why not invest time in your family’s future?

The Family ROI™ Experience is designed to include children as much as possible, whenever materials and activities are age-appropriate. When children are not participating in a given program, they may join their peers in the Family ROI™ Kids’ Camp, which reinforces the theme of family unity through fun, educational activities.

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