Journey Map

We invite you to think of your Family ROI experience as a journey.

Here you’ll find the Family ROI Journey Map that your family can use as you move through each step of the experience.

Just as you would use a game board, your family can follow the path and stop at each road sign to complete the corresponding activity in the book. Some families find it fun to use a small game piece to mark their movement on the map.

At the end of each activity, you’ll be asked to capture your family’s discussion or agreements by writing directly on the journey map in the designated space. Make the map unique to your own family. Write your family name in the airplane banner at the top and attach a family photo in the upper left-hand corner.

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At the end of the Family ROI Experience, you will have a completed map that will serve as a visual reminder of your unique journey as a family.

ROI Family Journey Map, 24 x 18 inches $9.95 + $5.00 shipping and handling in the continental US by priority mail. We use PayPal, but you do not need a PayPal account to order.

Receive the Map and Book when signing up for the online Family ROI Workshop.